D’ye ken?

Forgive our honesty, but we almost didn’t put THE DYKEENIES in The Pop Cop today. They tick all the right boxes by being Scottish, up-and-coming and on the move, but we still reckon it could go either way for the popular Cumbernauld band.

We’ve heard about 10 songs they’ve put their name to and only a couple really made us perk up. But when they get it right – as they clearly did with debut single Will It Happen Tonight? – it’s easy to see why the King Tut’s record label handpicked them for their first pet project.

Now signed to Lavolta Records and about to release new single Clean Up Your Eyes on July 9, only time will tell if The Dykeenies can come up with enough ideas to rise above every other Killers-influenced brooding indie rock band out there. Watch this space.

And watch them here:

Jul 8, T in the Park, Balado
Jul 10, Kef, Aberdeen
Jul 11, Westport Bar, Dundee
Jul 12, King Tut’s, Glasgow
Jul 13, King Tut’s, Glasgow

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