KT in the Park

Here at The Pop Cop HQ we’re all about the good tunes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sold a million copies or one, if it makes our heads spin it’s in (don’t be expecting Sandi Thom anytime soon). And so today it’s the turn of music that people hear in supermarkets (except Lidl, where all you get is the sound of silence broken by Senga knocking over a mountain of Pot Noodles). It’s KT TUNSTALL.

What makes KT different to her chart-bothering peers is how genuine her talent is. It’s not easy to breathe fresh air into folk-pop (especially with a hip-hop name) but she makes it look effortless.

My personal introduction to her came on a flight back to Scotland from New Zealand. Thousands of miles from home, listening to Qantas radio, little did I realise that I was listening to a fellow haggis-muncher (I’d been away a while!). And so, when I subsequently discovered she was already a household name back home, there was no reason to suddenly dislike her. We pity the musical snobs out there.

Drastic Fantastic, her follow-up to debut album Eye To The Telescope, is set to be released on September 3. KT’s playing The Outsider festival in Aviemore on Saturday, with a warm-up at Fat Sam’s in Dundee tomorrow night. She’s also at the Carling Academy on October 16th. This’ll be a good opportunity to hear if she’s still got it. We think yes.

In the meantime, we offer up Ashes – which is, as far as we’re aware, the only foul-mouthed ode to cremation set to country music in existance – from her Acoustic Extravaganza album. Hot stuff.

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