Oh Macdonald, what a yarn

There’s nothing worse than someone saying you look like a goat behind your back. Well, actually, there is… what if you just happened to be standing behind them when they said it. Ouch.

The reason many people will probably take an instant dislike to AMY MACDONALD is the same reason we admire her so much. At the age of 19, she cites her influences as Travis and Babyshambles. You heard right. Not The Byrds, nor The Jam, nor Joy Division nor any other supposedly more credible band from another era that teenage musicians claim to be rejuvenating the spirit of. You grew up in the 90s, lads, give it a rest.

Back to our Glaswegian friend Amy, then. She posts messages on the Travis board, worships Jake Gyllenhaal and writes songs about footballers’ wives. Haven’t we all.

Here’s a true story. The Pop Cop first heard of Amy Mac when barely 10 seconds of Poison Prince was played in an advertising plug for her debut single. Some ear-prickingly distinctive vocals, feisty acoustic guitar work and a catchy hook later and we were sold. Our only disappointment was that the song wasn’t about killing the Purple Rain dwarf, which you’ll soon realise if you download it here.

Amy already has a record deal with a major label and an inevitably polished debut album, which goes by the name of This Is The Life, will land on July 30.

See her in Scotland here:
July 7 – T-Break Tent, T in the Park
August 10 – Belladrum Festival, Inverness
August 14 – Tunnels, Aberdeen
August 15 – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
August 16 – King Tut’s, Glasgow

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