Remember, he’s a Woomble

This is dedication for you. We’re just in the door from The Outsider. Our shoes are ruined thanks to 72 hours of rain in Aviemore and our muddy carbon footprints are all over our Golf’s interior. But it was well worth it. We started our eco-friendly festival experience with a massage for two (not like that), which got us all blissed out for the musical treats ahead.

And so today’s post-cum-Outsider rundown will be in dedication of RODDY WOOMBLE, whom we have to admitThe Pop Cop had forgotten about. He’s a very endearing chap and a multi-layered (as our photo shows, he wore a T-shirt, cardigan AND jacket!) folk hero these days. The performance couldn’t have been further from hisIdlewild days. There he was, in between a fiddler and an accordion, not having a clue what to do with his hands during songs. Bless.

As good as acoustic versions of You Held The World In Your Arms and American English were, the highlight was My Secret Is My Silence from his solo record of the same name, an album which we don’t think anyone bought. Maybe you should think about it.

Next up was Eddie Reader. In fine voice and doing her best to warm up a drenched crowd, she performed ashoogling (Google shoogle if you want to know what it means) set including some Robert Burns numbers. Her banter was great too and she even gave out the address of a guy who she’d written a song about. Poor guy. She also threw in a couple of Fairground Attraction songs to remind us of the timeless essence of good songwriting.

Unlike Justin Currie, who reminded us of the horrors of choosing to stay dry in a tent over sanity. In an endless list of awful things that made for a truly gut-wrenching experience, his session musicians stand out for ridicule for appearing to be cast-offs for the part of Status Quo’s backing band. Think stripy trousers, gum chewing and more leather than you’d get from the local coos. Actually, best not think about it.

Guillemots were up next to save us from hunting down Currie and subjecting him to a similarly slow death. Despite having to play acoustically they brought their circus music and freaky dancing to town. We’d run away with them.

Quite what headliners Crowded House were doing in Aviemore is still a mystery to us. Having the privilege to watch one of the best bands to ever walk the planet was everything we could ever have hoped for and more. They’ve just announced a show at the SECC on November 30. We’re going for a lie down first.

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