Caught by the fuzz

When cooking up some angular, fuzzy rock music, it’s much easier to get it wrong than right.

In this unwritten handbook, the fine line between a muddy dirge and impossible cool is one that many bands struggle with – but SILVERSUN PICKUPS have clearly mastered the art to perfection.

Ironically, the namedrop-friendly LA quartet only decided to start recording their songs after being horrified by the quality of a Silversun Pickups bootleg CD a fan was passing round at one of their gigs.

Resultant debut album Carnavas is rich in all that was ever good about The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and Verbena – and standout epic Lazy Eye will be as good as anything you’ll hear on the Main Stage of Indian Summer tomorrow. They’ll also be back to Scotland on August 21 as support to the Foo Fighters at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh.

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