Hide and seek

Never underestimate the power of a happy ending. While nothing is more important than the first impression an album makes, it’s send-off can leave you buzzing (Street Spirit on The Bends) or snoozing (Everything Will Be Alright on Hot Fuss).

The hidden track, therefore, can feel like a bit of cop-out as it’s typically a half-hearted, disposable attempt at closure. But there are some memorable exceptions such as Blue Flashing Light (The Man Who), Life Is For Living (Parachutes), Til Kingdom Come (X&Y), Candyfloss (Summerteeth) and A Girl Like You (Musicforthemorningafter).

THE MAGIC NUMBERS decided to tag Hymn For Her onto the end of their debut album following three minutes of invariably awkward silence. Despite being the band’s first single release, a live favourite and easily one of the best songs on the record, Hymn For Her is left as a treat for those who live by the motto that the best things come to those who wait. If you can think of any better hidden tracks, put them in the Reactions section below.

August 9, Liquid Room, Edinburgh
August 10, Belladrum Festival, Inverness

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