History repeating

The news that THE VERVE are reforming is a blessing for those of us who have witnessed Richard Ashcroft’s lonely figure give watered down performances of his old band’s masterpieces.

Whether their motivation is money, fame or the realisation that the whole is greater than sum of their parts won’t matter to the fans who worshipped The Verve at their creative peak in the late 90s.

Urban Hymns became a defining album for a generation who’d never before witnessed pop music that was this beautiful, unashamedly ambitious and grand. The Verve introduced the idea of having strings in indie music, long before it eventually became a routine over-indulgence for subsequent pretenders.

If you snapped up tickets for their comeback shows at the Carling Academy in Glasgow on November 2 & 3 before they sold out you’re a lucky man (or woman). And just to prove they knew how to write a classic before Urban Hymns, here’s On Your Own from A Northern Soul.

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