Jagged little thrill

Fair play to THE NEEDLES. How many bands would have the dedication to keep going after 10 years of whatever the opposite of famous is? (Unfortunately, for the Aberdeen band, it’s not infamy.)

It’s hard to put your finger on where they’re going wrong. They have the best-looking band website we’ve ever seen and songs with the polish of Dianne from their album In Search Of The Needles don’t sound at all out of place in the current pop climate.

The most logical explanation for their total lack of commercial success is that their longevity is their downfall. Record labels want to discover the hottest new things before they’ve even played their first gig, not bands who have been round the block so many times they’re dizzy.

In short, The Needles are victims of age discrimination. But if you’re happy to choose tenacity over trends, there’s hope for The Needles yet.

July 28, The Globe, Aberdeen
July 29, Dunstaffnage Festival, Oban
August 10, Belladrum Festival, Inverness

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