On Saturday afternoon, a few miles from The Pop Cop HQ, some clowns tried to drive a Jeep through the front door of Glasgow Airport. But a little road traffic accident won’t stop us Scots from going on holiday. To quote our featured hero, Beth Ditto, “all you gotta do is stand up and fight fire with fire”.

Beth really is as good as it gets. By far the best frontwoman around today, her stage presence, energy and overwhelming talent (and somewhat eye-popping underwear removing antics) will leave you exhausted and enthralled. So you’ll be in for a treat if you catch GOSSIP (The Gossip? Who knows?) on the NME stage at T in the Park this Sunday.

The Arkansas band have become so popular that even my Neil Diamond-loving Mum knows who they are (and, like most folk, loves Beth). Their three-pronged attacks of pop-punk has deservedly seen their latest album Standing In The Way Of Control sell shitloads. It’s probably safe to assume you already have a copy so here’s a gem of a b-side for you, their cover of Aaliyah’s Are U That Somebody. Enjoy.

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