Summer loving

Sometimes you only want to listen to wallowing, I’ve-been-chucked music. And then there’s days you need I’M FROM BARCELONA.

For the uninitiated, the Swedish (they must have been deported by the Spanish authorities) 29-piece take the multi-limbed exuberance of Polyphonic Spree, add the on-stage carnival of the Flaming Lips and sing joyous anthems about the beauty of everyday life (“I don’t want to wear glasses though I know that I should, so I have to take chances when I walk through the hood. If you see me say ‘hi’ and you don’t really know me, it’s not that I’m nice it’s just that I can’t see.”) And English isn’t even their first language.

The brilliantly bonkers spectacle of their live shows is like watching a special school on day release. Do yourself a favour and catch their first-ever Scottish show at Indian Summer at Glasgow’s Victoria Park on Sunday. Get your tickets for this weekend’s festival here.

If you’re still not sold, check out I’m From Barcelona b-side The Painter.

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