The joy of Six

We really are spoilt for choice these days. With an endless number of bands to listen to, it’s too easy to forget the sacrifices made by wannabes looking for the glamour of rock ‘n’ roll. There’s the hours of practice, the reality of playing to audiences fewer in number than the band itself, the crippling cost of chasing the dream.

Glasgow band TRAP 6 won’t let such hurdles stand in their way. Although they admit to being under the influence of the dreaded Kinks, Jam, Stones trinity, that hasn’t stopped them getting it so right withGet It On – four minutes of flawless pop that will make your life better.

Most bands eventually give up and have to settle for being ‘ahead of their time’, but even if Trap 6 never make it they can still hold their heads up high. Judge for yourselves at Livi Nitespot in West Lothian on July 28, Box in Glasgow on August 1 and Live At Loch Lomond on August 4.

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