The single life

Ted, gran, glue, grass. It’s amazing how something bland can be turned into something Super with a little know-how.

When Ash announced they would stop making albums and instead release singles hot out of the recording studio, rather than the decision being a reaction to how the public consume modern music (as they claimed), we at The Pop Cop reckon it’s more of an acknowledgement that their albums are mince.

And if anyone should follow their lead, it’s SUPERGRASS. Like Ash, it has always been a case of nice hits, shame about the album.

Thankfully, Supergrass know this too and they cut the crap for their boisterous, raucous live outings. The promise of a setlist from heaven of Pumping On Your Stereo, Alright, Richard III, Moving and Sun Hits The Sky will surely tempt you to step out for Live At Loch Lomond on August 5.

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