Pop quiz, hotshot: What do Karma Police, Nightswimming, Clocks, Sunburn, Fake Empire, 9 Crimes and Hoppípolla have in common? They all illustrate why the piano is the most affecting instrument in music.

So it’s no surprise REGINA SPEKTOR provokes such feverish excitement with The Pop Cop. The Moscow-born singer’s gorgeously grandiose piano melodies form the backbone of her songs, which mix amusing lyrical stories with some unique vocal jousting.

Her utterly alluring charm is more than backed up by an extraordinary natural talent and she can’t help but make audiences fall for her as she regales them with her quaint tales of Jesus statues and stepping in snot.

Regina is a must-see if ever there was one.

Regina Spektor – Samson (original version)

September 2, Connect Music Festival, Inverary

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