Commerical potential

Although Scotland is in the midst of its worst summer in decades, our music scene is enjoying something of a hot flush.

There is a gaggle of new bands battling for attention and THE ADS have a fighting chance of being the country’s next indie stallions.

If the all the sharpest music brains in Scotland got together for a powwow, they would probably invent a band that sounded much like the East Kilbride foursome. Frontman Kemy sings with a thick Scottish brogue, they share the same spiky guitar racket as Franz and have an urgency in their music that suggests their ambitions are suitably lofty.

They have just released their debut single Autopilot on King Tut’s Recordings, the label that gave The Dykeenies a leg-up. If anything, The Ads have even more potential.

The Ads – Things Get So Much Better

August 15, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
September 1, Connect Festival, Inverary
September 10, Stirling University, Stirling

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