Hard to beat

It’s amazing how one song can make you rethink your opinion of a band you’d previously written off as a bunch of losers. Like a naked driver who has just realised he’s missed his turn-off, HARD-FI have made The Pop Cop do an embarrassing U-turn.

Their new single Suburban Knights is a swaggering beast of a tune like no other this year. Its rousing verses build to a call-to-arms chorus full of a-e-i-o-u harmonies that any idiot could sing along with. And then you have to hear it again. And again.

Of course, Suburban Knights could turn out to be a complete one-off and the Staines band’s impending second album Once Upon A Time In The West may yet prove as god-awful as its predecessor. But did that stop the masses playing fastest finger first at 9am this morning to buy tickets for their just-announced Glasgow gig? Not a chance.

Hard-Fi –
Suburban Knights

September 4, ABC, Glasgow

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