Hart and soul

Here’s a conversation that came up between us a couple of months ago:

POP: Why is Roddy Hart not famous?
COP: Fucked if I know, he’s magic.
POP: No, seriously, why is he not more well-known? He writes amazing songs, he’s got the best voice in Scotland and seeing him live is as good as it gets. And he has great hair.
COP: Easy tiger! What do you want me to do about it?
POP: Well, funny you should ask…

When we first had the idea of creating a Scottish music blog, it was to allow us to share the greatness of musicians like RODDY HART with people we might never meet. Seven weeks of posting later and we finally think we’ve have had enough practise to do him justice.

He began his solo career with residencies at The Universal and Brel in Glasgow, armed with an acoustic guitar, keyboard, harmonica and a bag full of demo album Home Tapes. Roddy sold enough of the latter at £5 a time to fund the recording of his debut studio album Bookmarks, a veritable masterpiece.

His Americana-influenced songwriting bursts with yearning intensity and his genuine gift for crafting melodies is delivered with real maturity. Roddy is currently in the studio working on his new album but keep checking The Pop Cop for an interview with the man himself in the near future.

Rest assured, we won’t be the last to feel compelled to write about his genius.

Roddy Hart – She Is All I Need

August 11, Belladrum Festival, Inverness
September 22, Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow
October 4, Darvel Music Festival, Ayrshire

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