Five years ago, you couldn’t have named a band whose future career path whetted the appetite more thanINTERPOL.

That was when – on the back of their Fukd ID EP on Chemikal Underground – the New Yorkers revisited the darkest sounds of the 80s to create the entrancingly atmospheric Turn On The Bright Lights, an album so unlike anything else of its time (don’t get us started on Editors) it relied on word of mouth to seal its steady ascent into the realms of a recognised modern masterpiece.

Since then, the commercial success that has come their way with Antics and Our Love To Admire has coincided with a creative decline that was somewhat inevitable (peak so spectacularly with your debut album and the only way is down after all) albeit no less disappointing.

But although Interpol’s second and third albums have lost that edge, The Pop Cop will forever bow down to them for their respective comeback singles Slow Hands and The Heinrich Maneuver. It takes a different kind of genius to perfect the formula of killer riff + pumping drums = indie disco anthem.

Interpol – Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker remix)

August 22, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

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