Pollock country nous

You could probably write a thesis on the wonder that was The Delgados. To know them was to love them, yet their frustrating battle to turn critical adulation, public fondness and a succession of unswervingly ambitious albums into proportionate profit ultimately proved their undoing.

If there’s any justice, EMMA POLLOCK will enjoy better fortune in her solo career. She’s taken Delgados drummer Paul Savage (otherwise known as Emma’s husband) with her and from what we’ve heard of forthcoming debut album Watch The Fireworks, Lanarkshire’s favourite daughter has made a piano-driven record of graceful beauty with strong folk and alt.country influences.

Although The Pop Cop recently spotted Mr and Mrs Savage in full-on family mode swinging their nipper Ben at a park in Glasgow’s southside, the solo model of Emma still has that reassuringly bittersweet tone in her voice and previous single Adrenaline should leave you feeling just that for what is yet to come.

August 10, Liquid Room, Edinburgh

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