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When MY LATEST NOVEL first appeared on the Scottish music scene, their name was bandied around so often that most folk knew what to expect before they’d even had a chance to hear them first-hand. Or at least they thought they did.

Reports of the Greenock quintet’s fondness for instrument swapping, multiple harmonies and a liberal use of strings came at a time when no other band had been burdened with the ‘new Arcade Fire’ tag.

So when English label Bella Union won the race to sign My Latest Novel, it simply became a matter of counting down the days until they inevitably failed to live up to the most impossible of expectations. And so it proved.

Their debut album Wolves eschewed Arcade Fire’s sex and violins approach in favour of something altogether more dark and experimental. Most frustratingly, it left The Pop Cop wondering what might have been, especially when their one stab at a bite-sized singalong, The Reputation Of Ross Francis, ends the record on such a high. We can only hope it’s a taste of the direction they’re headed in.

My Latest Novel – The Reputation Of Ross Francis

September 2, Connect Music Festival, Inverary

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