Wild abandoned

Everyone has loved Idlewild at some point, but not necessarily the same point.

The hardest of the hardcore reckon their early punk days of chaos and semi-structured noise was the most exciting time to jump on the Idlewild bandwagon. Others got on board as the decibels decreased between Hope Is Important and 100 Broken Windows. More still were drawn to The Remote Part, easily their most accomplished piece of work. As for the last two albums, well, let’s just say more people have bought timeshares in Afghanistan.

During this time the Edinburgh band have astonishingly gone through five bass players and just as many changes in musical direction, not to mention Roddy Woomble’s solo diversion into woolly jumpered folk.

So where does this leave Idlewild, now in the second decade of existence? With their old label about to release a greatest hits album against the group’s wishes and their popularity on the wane, the pressure is on them to recapture what made Idlewild so special in the first place.

Idlewild – 1903-70

September 2, Connect Music Festival, Inverary

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