Tour de Franz

Do you remember the first time? The Pop Cop does. It was March 26, 2003 – a Wednesday night in Glasgow. Two miles across town the relentless Biffy Clyro are continuing their slowly-but-surely rise to fame at the QMU. Here at the Art School, another band is about to take a much quicker route to the top.

The first thing that looks out of place is the audience. We’re in a student union, yet the crowd is a curious mixture of middle-aged English gentlemen (record label heads) and overexcited kids (overexcited kids).

On stage, the drummer is playing the smallest kit we’ve ever seen. He also happens to be dressed as a chef. The raucous music he and his three friends are playing makes the kids see stars in their eyes, while the gentlemen see pound signs.

We are watching the future. We are watching FRANZ FERDINAND.

Four years later and we’re left wondering if they will ever find a way to recapture the exhilaration of those early days. This isn’t about being a bitter fan who falls out of love with a band as soon as they become famous. This is about a bitter fan who can’t bear to listen to their awful second album. Like U2 in a maze, they have lost the edge.

Having played every corner of the planet, Franz Ferdinand are now about to embark on their first tour of Scotland before heading into the studio to complete their third record. We can only hope that going back to their roots gives the band a much-needed kick up the arse.

Franz Ferdinand – Missing You

September 9, Fubar, Stirling
September 10, The Raigmore, Inverness
September 11, The Ba Club, Fort William
September 18, Fat Sams, Dundee
September 19, Moshulu, Aberdeen
September 21, Portree Community Centre, Skye
September 22, Loopallu, Ullapool
September 24, Whiteness & Wisedale Hall, Shetland

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