Dog gone :,-(

Every dog has his day and it looks like DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS have had theirs.

Barely a peep has been heard from the Glasgow-based Fifers in the three years since debut album Please Describe Yourself was released, with rumours rife that the schoolfriends had called it a day but hadn’t bothered to make any official announcement. Until this week.

On a statement on their Myspace site headed ‘Band News’, they wrote:
“At the end of last year the band decided to scrap the second album and go their separate ways. To us that doesn’t mean we have split up for good but at this moment we cannot say when or if we shall return. Thank you greatly to all who have supported us. Rock on, Dogs Die In Hot Cars.”

As for what they’ve actually been doing since 2004, if not making geeky pop music with cutely quaint lyrics, there have been reports of band members going travelling and studying, with at least one confirmed sighting of keyboard player Ruth Quigley bizarrely winning a BBC New Talent competition called African Connection.

But having bowed out with just one flawlessly feelgood album to their name, Dogs Die In Hot Cars have at least guaranteed our memories of them are entirely fond. Good times.

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