Frat boys

THE FRATELLIS are like Yorkie bars – not for girls. Want a football chant that Rangers AND Celtic fans can unite in harmony to? Want to sing the words when you’re too wasted to form sentences? Want something to bounce to while having a heterosexual group hug? The Fratellis are your pop band.

The royalties from Chelsea Dagger will ensure they never need worry about where their next haircut is coming from – however, the greatest achievement of this shambolic group of lairy drunks is that their debut album Costello Music is remarkably decent. No, really. Try it.

But while you’d think twice about taking them home to meet your mother, any kid from the trio’s hometowns ofCumbernauld, Greenfield and Paisley could do a lot worse than want to be a Fratelli when they grow up. 

4 The FratellisDirty Barry Stole The Bluebird
b September 28, AECC, Aberdeen
b September 29, SECC, Glasgow

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