Sting in the tale

It’s difficult to define why one man with a heartbreaking story and an acoustic guitar can take you on a captivating journey, while 99 others will drag you down with them.

There’s something wonderful about the simplicity of it all. Boy meets girl, girl screws boy over. Devastation. Boy meets guitar, girl gets bad-mouthed. Redemption. Essentially, the chords and characters are the same but the outcome is different.

In the hands of DAMIEN RICE it’s as though no-one has ever suffered so acutely for our benefit. Well, not since JC. The angry beauty of his music betrays an intense, wounded soul, whose songs are cathartic not clichéd.

As well as being smart enough not to mess with the perfection of his albums on stage, Damien’s live performances thrive in the fact that his raw passion is laid bare for all to see. Let’s hope our favourite Irishman doesn’t find Mrs Rice any time soon.

4 Damien Rice – Lonely Soldier (feat Christy Moore)

b October 4, SECC, Glasgow

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