Target practice

Take one look at the top 40 and you’d probably come to the conclusion that there’s no better time than the present to get a few mates together and start a band called ‘The’ something.

Be it Enemy, Twang or Klaxons, boys dressed in skinny jeans and accessorised with guitars are as common as fake ID cards in Freshers’ Week.

So it’s no surprise THE RIFLES are trying to muscle in on the action, with their Jam-esque sound of the not-so-plush parts of London.

But having released a mediocre debut album in a market saturated with like-minded souls, you can’t help but feel The Rifles will have to come up with something pretty special (or soundtrack a deodorant advert) if they’re to keep up with the The’s.

4 The Rifles – In Between Days (The Cure cover)

b October 6, QMU, Glasgow

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