Trust issues

There’s nothing attractive about shoddy housekeeping. So while we can roll out all manner of superlatives about the bonkers brilliance of SLUTS OF TRUST, the fact that the Glasgow duo have seemingly abandoned their duty to inform, educate and entertain (actually, maybe that’s The Pop Cop’s job) is really inexcusable.

The evidence? Well, their official website hasn’t been updated for two years, their Myspace page has been subjected to the internet equivalent of fly-posting and they haven’t released any new music since 2004.

So why do we care so much when no one else gives a shit? It seems everyone has forgotten that Sluts Of Trust were once our very own Weegie White Stripes, only with a drummer who could actually drum and a taste for teeth-rattling dirty rock.

They had the Chemikal Underground seal of approval, their tour de force single Leave You Wanting More featured at No.5 in John Peel’s last-ever Festive 50 and the band were even able to rope in Sean Biggerstaff of Harry Potter fame to star in the video for Piece O’You.

But perhaps the good times are about to return. Sluts Of Trust’s first gig in God knows how long is imminent and with it might just come a new generation of converts.

Sluts Of Trust – Leave You Wanting More

September 8, 13th Note, Glasgow

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