‘Rist action

Josh Baskin (below), the pseudonym of a well-known musician who wishes to preserve his anonymity, tells you what you need to know today…

According to Wikipedia, Portland apparently plays host to more strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas and San Francisco.

This fact surely makes the event of THE DECEMBERISTS leaving their hometown to come and play for us lucky people even more special, no?

Rather than whiling away their time popping deftly-placed dollars into the elastics of strutting nubiles, they promise to entertain themselves instead with more wholesome and Pop Cop-worthy pursuits.

Colin Meloy may look more like a librarian than a rock God but his adenoidal warble gives them an edge you could use to trim your beard. Or at least some pastry shapes.

4 The Decemberists – July, July!

b October 12, Carling Academy, Glasgow

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