The greatest Kate

I want to punch her in the face… she’s so pretty. Not my words, but the words of one young girl standing next to me at Monday’s KATE NASH show at Oran Mor in Glasgow (excuse the blatant Alan Partridge paraphrasing in the last sentence).

In fact, the place was chock full of Nash wannabes, all decked out in their vintage dresses and careful fringes. And the spokeswomen for this fickle generation didn’t disappoint.

With the stage decorated in typically girly accessories and mascots, the 20-year-old dispelled any doubts that she is anything other than a very capable musician, a clever lyricist and a natural singer, albeit one with a cockney accent and a keenness for swear words.

Foundations was, of course, easily the best weapon in Nash’s armoury, but some of the more awkward songs from her debut album Made Of Bricks certainly gain a new lease of life when played with a live band who are admirably just as geeky and fresh-faced as their leader.

Despite her burgeoning celebrity status, it was Nash’s ability to keep the show a cosy affair which impressed the most. She bashfully reacted to compliments from the front row, pointed out a fan she recognised from her gig at King Tut’s seven months ago and didn’t freak out when one chap’s blue and white checkered boxers landed on her lap.

Pants? Not one bit.

4 Kate Nash – Stitching Leggings

b March 7, Barrowland, Glasgow

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