Breath of fresh air

The last time I cried was whilst listening to Breathe Me by Australian singer SIA. Of course, context is everything and in this case it came in the last scene of the last episode of the greatest TV show ever made – Six Feet Under.

To be honest, you won’t find anything as powerfully moving or emotionally heart-tugging as Breathe Me in her back catalogue – but then again you won’t find it in many others’ either.

It’s a song that takes you on an intense journey. There’s the winding melody of the piano, the soaring drama of orchestral strings, the thumping bass drum and that vulnerable, cracked voice which she has also lent to Zero 7 on many an occasion. In some ways it brings to mind the raw emotion of Radiohead’s Exit Music.

While Sia Furler’s solo career hasn’t quite hit the heady heights, her place in The Pop Cop’s affections is assured. Lucky her, eh?

4 Sia – Breathe Me

b November 28, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
b November 29, King Tut’s, Glasgow

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