Familiarity breeds content

We are quite privileged here in Scotland. Last week we were awarded the Commonwealth Games for the third time which, remarkably, is the same number of times THE SHINS have visited the country in the past eight months alone. That’s more than Sean Connery.

And no wonder. We’ve already eulogised about how fortunate we are to have such a unique, genius contribution to pop music (The Shins, that is, not The Sean) and the American quintet’s second visit to the Glasgow Barrowlands on Friday night proved they – or their record label? – are keen to take advantage of their rapidly growing fanbase.

The enthusiastic crowd made a decent stab at trying to sing along to the songs, which is always a tongue-twisting challenge given James Mercer’s lyrical wordiness. The setlist was pretty much culled equally from all three albums, with those from Oh, Inverted World sounding infinitely better live.

While Mr Mercer seemed a tad gig-weary, the sprightliness of his bandmates made up for it and fantastic support band Vampire Weekend’s appearance (see picture) for last song Know Your Onion was a wonderful way to say farewell. Again.

4 The Shins – Split Needles (alternate version)

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