Ginger nuts

Redheads have given much to the devil’s music, as you’ll realise if you consider the contributions of Axl Rose, the Biffy brothers and Courtney Love (trust us, she is – we’ve asked around). Others – see Mick Hucknall – ARE the devil.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, of course, have their own ginger-noggined superhero in Josh Homme – and doesn’t he wear it well. For a heavy metal band, QOTSA don’t half know how to write a damn good pop song, as the enduring appeal of Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret and No One Knows proves.

Since strip-happy bald bassist Nick Oliveri (not a natural ginger) quit the band in 2004, things have gone a bit awry musically but the Californians are guaranteed to put on a blinding show when they hurtle into town and corrupt all our women. Jackie Bird, you have been warned.

4 Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

b November 28, Carling Academy, Glasgow

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