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JOSH ROUSE is the kind of singer-songwriter that most singing, songwriting hopefuls would want to follow in the footsteps of.

The prolific American has released a full-length record of the folk/alternative country variety every year since 1998. He has a fiercely loyal fanbase that affords him the luxury of touring roomy venues in Europe and North America. And he recently decided to up sticks and move to the warm climes of Valencia, where he wasted no time in bagging dishy Spanish singer Paz Suay (pictured above).

Even if you’ve never been introduced to Rouse’s charms, a pretty concise indication of his story can be found in the simplistic titles of some of his albums: Dressed Up Like Nebraska (his state of origin), 1972 (the year he was born), Nashville (Josh’s home for 10 years), She’s Spanish, I’m American (the missus).

Having seen the man and his band in action at The Arches on his last visit to Glasgow in 2005, The Pop Copcan guarantee you’ll be left even more envious of Rouse’s talents when you see just how slick a performer he is.

4 Josh Rouse – Directions

b December 1, QMU, Glasgow

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