Ray of hope

Here at The Pop Cop we’ve often talked about the power of one man, a voice and a guitar. Sometimes it seems like there’s no new way to describe how much pleasure and joy this combination can bring. With RAY LAMONTAGNE it’s especially challenging. What to say about such a man?

Inevitably, you are drawn to a voice that’s so full of pain, intensity and joy all at the same time.

You wonder why it is that during the American troubadour’s gigs, even though he scarcely says a word and looks intently at his feet, his stage presence and vulnerability are so seductive they leave you with a strong urge to grab your neighbour and do whatever comes naturally. Or was that just me?

As Aberdonians and Dundonians will no doubt be testifying after his gigs there this week, Ray LaMontagne inspires such raw emotion.

4 Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice – To Love Somebody

b November 2, Playhouse, Edinburgh

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