Seven up

Whether we wanted them or not, 2007 has been the year for band reunions, with most returns from the wilderness likely to last as long as an ice cube in the Sahara. Or Ice Cube in the Sahara for that matter.

In almost every case (there aren’t enough hours in the day to list such a sorry roll call), you’ll find tales of sagging solo ventures and even saggier bank balances, so it doesn’t take an accountant to work out what motivates a fallen star to return to past glories.

After that introduction you’re probably expecting us to slaughter Britpop chancers SHED SEVEN – but you’d be wrong. You see, the Scots love the Sheds, certainly more than any other country cares to admit. And it’s no coincidence the reformed York group have chosen to start and end their “Greatest Hits Reunion Tour” (that’ll be the Greatest Hits album that came out in 1999 then) in Scotland.

Indeed, Shed Seven are one of only a handful of bands to have ever recorded a live DVD at the Glasgow Barrowlands, and seeing as the Barras is widely known to be the best venue in the world, that really is criminal. Somebody ought to call the Police. Oh, wait a minute, they already have.

4 Shed Seven – Chasing Rainbows

b November 27, Music Hall, Aberdeen
b November 28, Ironworks, Inverness
b November 29, Barrowlands, Glasgow
b December 22, Carling Academy, Glasgow

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