The life of Ryan

Here’s a question. If you were to listen to every official RYAN ADAMS album back to back, how long would it take? The answer: 8.5 hours (yes, we did the experiment; no, we don’t get out enough). And that’s not even taking into account his dozens of b-sides, album bonus tracks, EPs and countless unreleased bootlegs.

Of course, that statistic only serves to prove the boy can write a song or two hundred, and as anyone who has followed the American’s seven-year solo career will confirm, quality control has never been high on his to-do list. It’s all very well patting yourself on the back for bringing out three albums in eight months (as he did in 2005… and one was a double album at that), but Adams continually runs the risk of watering down the impact of each rush-released record.

The only reason we care so much is that the 33-year-old’s undoubted bursts of genius deserve better. For example, while his most recent album Easy Tiger is possibly his weakest yet, he followed it up last month with Follow The Lights, an EP (repackaged as Everybody Knows EP in the UK) of staggeringly beautiful songcraft that contains some of his best work to date – yet few are aware of its existence.

The Pop Cop’s message to Adams is simple: Keep up the good work… just don’t neglect your duty to ditch the stuff that’s not so good.

4 Ryan Adams – Always On My Mind (Elvis Presley cover)

b December 1, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

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