Glasvegas or bust

When it comes to music publications, there are two things you can guarantee about the month of December:
1. An end-of-year ‘Best Of’ list is imminent.
2. A ‘Hot Tips’ list for next year will be right behind it.

Regular visitors to The Pop Cop will notice we haven’t lowered ourselves to such formulaic, clichéd and utterly unoriginal practices. Why? We’re still working on our lists! Seriously, it’ll be the highlight of our year.

In the meantime, we’ve been putting our hands to our mouths in mock shock at everyone else’s choices – let’s face it, we’re not going to agree with anyone except ourselves on something this important. For instance, those crazy kids at NME put Daddy’s Gone by GLASVEGAS at No.2 in their top tracks of 2007 list. (True story: The Pop Cop turned down an offer from editor Conor McNicholas to write for NME in 2002 on principle of it being such a repulsive read.)

Now, we’re not about to start tearing strips off a band as new and as Scottish as Glasvegas on a website that promotes new and Scottish music… but second best song of the year? Please. We can only put it down to the novelty factor of English folk hearing our slang words such as “wan”, “aboot”, “fur” and “want” (when it rhymes with “pant”) in song. It’s no wonder their manager Alan McGee described the band as “rockabilly neds”.

Before you go thinking McGee has his finger on the pulse, in the same article he also wrote that Glasvegas couldn’t “give a toss about the NME and major labels”. That’ll be the same Glasvegas who are playing on the NME Awards tour and about to announce their major label deal with Columbia Records.

If you want to find out who we think is more worthy of hot tips and pop hits, keep your browser pointing this way in the next few days…

4 Glasvegas – Daddy’s Gone (single version)

b December 19, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow (sold out)
b December 20, Club de Mar, Ayr
b February 21, Barrowlands, Glasgow (supporting The Wombats)

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