The best songs of 2007

Trust us to be awkward. Rather than do a run-of-the-mill list for our favourite songs of 2007, we have instead made them into a fantasy double album for your listening pleasure.

Each of the two albums will fit onto a standard 80-minute CD (people still use those, right?) so we recommend you follow the links at the bottom of the lists, download the albums in their entirety and burn, baby, burn. We have deliberately not rated the songs (they are like children to us… except that they shut up after three minutes) in any sort of order except a vaguely alphabetical one, so be assured that CD1 is every bit as close to our bosoms as CD2.

If you can really only be bothered to download an individual mp3 then you’ll be glad to know we’ve made that possible for you too – just do the usual ‘right click and Save Target As…’ special move on the title of the track you want. Don’t say The Pop Cop isn’t good to you. If you agree with our choices or think we’ve forgotten something or helped you discover the best song ever, ever, ever… tell us in the comments section. You know it would make our day.

The Pop Cop Best Of 2007 CD1

  • ARCADE FIRE – No Cars Go – For anyone who had witnessed the band play this epic song live pre-Neon Bible, it was a re-recording no one could argue over the merits of. Spellbinding.
  • BEERJACKET – Belong In – As worthy an introduction to Glasgow’s greatest man-with-a-guitar act as you could wish for. Finger-pickin’ good and he might even be playing percussion on a kitchen sink somewhere in there.
  • BIFFY CLYRO – Machines – The Killie rockers go all soft and gooey, but didn’t they do it well. Genuinely affecting end to their Puzzle album.
  • BLOC PARTY – Flux – The daddy of all indie-dance crossovers… you just knew they had something as genius as this in them.
  • BRIGHT EYES – Four Winds – Conor Oberst writes his best song yet. Barnstorming folk and impossible to dislike.
  • COCONUT RECORDS – Nighttiming – We’ve only just recently discovered this piece of retro funk, and it comes from a proper movie star no less. Who knew Jason Schwartzman (of Darjeeling Limited fame) was the disco king?
  • FEIST – 1234 – Despite the risk of over-exposure on the iPod ad, resistance to the charms of a tune this summery was futile.
  • FRIGHTENED RABBIT – Be Less Rude – Scotland’s great hopes of 2008 show why they’re just that. Immediate and immensely satisfying.
  • INTERPOL – The Heinrich Maneuver – The only decent track off their third album but what a belter. Every bit as brilliant as its kindred spirit, Slow Hands.
  • JIMMY EAT WORLD – Chase This Light – Unfailingly catchy driving anthem from the rock band everyone should fall in love with.
  • KATE NASH – Foundations – She’s unlikely to ever write anything as glorious again. Would be a novelty song if it wasn’t for the fact we’re still not sick of it after incessant spins.
  • MALCOLM MIDDLETON – Stay Close Sit Tight – Forget the mass publicity of his Xmas single, this orchestral lullaby is how you should get acquainted with Falkirk’s finest.
  • MIKA – Happy Ending – Unapologetically over the top but screams out talent rather than ego. Conclusive evidence that pop music can have substance.
  • MODEST MOUSE – Dashboard – More bonkers jerky pop from the Americans. Five albums in and they just keep getting better.
  • OKKERVIL RIVER – Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe – Crazy title, crazy song really – it’s like some sort of throbbing prog-pop masterpiece. We’ll have what they’re having.
  • PLAIN WHITE T’S – Hey There Delilah – The new Time Of Your Life. It’s like one of those simple inventions you wonder why no one else thought of first. Altogether now: “Oh, it’s what you do to me…”
  • THE NATIONAL – Fake Empire – Majestic introduction to the wonder that is Boxer. Has any song ever started and finished so gloriously?
  • THE SHINS – Split Needles (Alternate Version) – B-sides aren’t meant to be this good. Quite why the band thought the original that made it onto Wincing The Night Away was better is beyond us.
  • WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS – Moving Clocks Run Slow – Remarkably accomplished beat-driven indie that just bursts with restless energy. Expect big things from these young Scots, The Pop Cop’sbest find of 2007.Click here to download CD1 as one file

The Pop Cop Best Of 2007 CD2

  • AMY MACDONALD – Mr Rock & Roll – Jaunty and slick acoustic goodness from Glasgow’s new pop kid on the block. Shrewd beyond her years.
  • ARCADE FIRE – Intervention – Proof that the songs from Funeral could be bettered. Orgasmic organs heralded the return of the kings.
  • ARCTIC MONKEYS – Flourescent Adolescent – The hilariously sharp lyrics and slapstick melody made it a real gem on an otherwise disappointing second album.
  • BAND OF HORSES – Is There A Ghost – There are only 14 words in this song but the swelling guitars and echoey vocals lift it to heights of greatness.
  • BLOC PARTY – I Still Remember – Utterly impeccable feelgood anthem that is as catchy as the plague.
  • DAVID GRAY – You’re The World To Me – Soppy man love, but in a good way. Quite possibly his best effort in eight years.
  • FEIST – I Feel It All – The queen of the underground couldn’t stay a secret for much longer with songs this pulsating. As lively as a box full of horny rabbits.
  • FINK – This Is The Thing – The one from the Mastercard advert. Moody, beautifully restrained and very special indeed.
  • JIMMY EAT WORLD – Big Casino – Arena-shaped joyful power rock of the ‘have to hear it every day’ variety.
  • MARK RONSON feat. AMY WINEHOUSE – Valerie – How this pisses all over The Zutons’ original. The only woman who can turn jazz into something to get excited about.
  • MAXIMO PARK – Our Velocity – Frantic, 100mph indie pop from the most hyperactive band on the planet. Only an asthma attack could be more breathless.
  • MIKA – Grace Kelly – Now that’s how you make a good first impression. Absolutely flawless and a lesson in originality from the best thing to happen to the business end of the charts in years.
  • OKKERVIL RIVER – Unless It’s Kicks – Takes a single guitar riff and refuses to let go. Just begs to be played loud.
  • RILO KILEY – Silver Lining – Funky, sexy dream pop. Jenny Lewis and Co are almost too slick and polished to be called an indie band these days.
  • SUGABABES – About You Now – Completely irresistible. The hottest thing to happen to a dancefloor in our lifetimes.
  • THE NATIONAL – Slow Show – The best song ever made? Actually, that last sentence shouldn’t even have a question mark.
  • THE SHINS – Turn On Me – Unputdownable and, unlike most Shins numbers, singalongable too. My, they spoiled us this year.
  • TIMBALAND feat. NELLY FURTADO and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – Give It To Me – Put down your umbrella, this was the greatest R&B song of the year by miles. The man with the golden touch does it again.
  • VOXTROT – Introduction – Touchingly beautiful and sparkling opener to the Texans’ debut album. Lovely stuff indeed.Click here to download CD2 as one file

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