The mad Scientists

The worst crime a performer can commit on stage is forgetting that their primary duty is to entertain. Thankfully, that has never been an issue with WE ARE SCIENTISTS, a band whose between-song exchanges deserve to be aired on prime-time TV, such is the worth of their wit.

Of course, their chosen pursuit is music, not comedy, and the Californians also deliver the goods on that score with frantic indie rock favourites of the calibre of Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, This Scene Is Dead and The Great Escape.

But perhaps a new vocation is calling WAS. In between their current tour dates they are hosting something called Brain Thrust Mastery seminars. The free, non-music sessions are apparently designed to help students take control of their lives, but with the topics up for discussion so ridiculously titled (Mind Sound, Time Vision Performance and Emotional Intuition Transfer) we can only assume/hope they are meant to be ironic.

Or maybe it’s all just part of their cunning masterplan to win over the hearts and minds of the young. If so, it seems to be working.

4 We Are Scientists – Hoppipolla (Sigur Ros cover)

b December 6, Strathclyde Union, Glasgow (Brain Thrust Mastery seminar, 1pm)
b December 6, SECC, Glasgow (supporting Kaiser Chiefs)
b December 7, Fat Sams, Dundee
b December 8, AECC, Aberdeen (supporting Kaiser Chiefs)
b December 9, Ironworks, Inverness

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