Where are the fans, Healy?

In this all-embracing era of borderless fanbases and the capability to spread music from a studio to a study in the click of a mouse, it would seem almost impossible for the popularity of a band as prominent as TRAVIS to decline so rapidly and steeply.

It was little more than five years ago, in March 2002, that Glasgow’s most famous musical exports sold out four nights at the SECC at the peak of their fame, having at that point delivered three albums of increasingly mesmeric songcraft – Good Feeling, The Man Who and The Invisible Band.

But did The People literally have too much of a good thing? While other big-hitters get away with delivering underwhelming albums (Oasis, for example, have made it a habit since 1997), Fran Healy and Co’s decidedly average 12 Memories somehow managed to drive away the majority of their followers.

And disconcertingly, they haven’t returned, even though this year’s The Boy With No Name shimmers with the kind of instant melodies that have influenced the likes of Coldplay, Keane, Stephen Fretwell, The Feeling and Amy Macdonald.

Travis are arguably Scotland’s most successful band of all time and while they may be irked that their heyday is behind them, you can be sure they appreciate the fans who have stuck by them even more. After all, it’s in tough times that you find out who your real friends are.

4 Travis – River (Joni Mitchell cover)

b December 30, Barrowlands, Glasgow
b December 31, Castlegate, Aberdeen

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