Alexander the great

According to some scientist trying to justify his research funding expenses, January 21, 2008 is ‘Blue Monday’ – officially the most depressing day of the year.

Today, you are likely to suffer high fevers and low temperatures, your Christmas credit card bill lands on your doorstep with a thud and your New Year’s resolution to join the gym has lost the battle to your five tubs of Pringles per day habit.

The Beat Blue Monday website has come up with suggestions for combating your misery, which include “Try something new,” “Pamper yourself” and “Be nice to a stranger” – and after seeing PAUL ALEXANDER at the Liquid Ship on Friday, The Pop Cop reckons listening to the Glasgow singer-songwriter’s music covers all three.

Alexander sings warm, mellow acoustic songs that belie his 27 years and he possesses an effortless stage confidence. His side-splitting wit was best summed up while re-tuning his guitar when he simply stated, “Generic mid-song chat”. Maybe you had to be there.

Happy Monday, folks!

4 Paul Alexander – Low Or High

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