Aural pleasure

Freshly fallen snow, water from a mountain stream, Bambi… none of these are half as pure as the voice of CARA DILLON.

Remarkably, we fell in love with Cara before we even discovered what she looks like (sorry if we’ve spoiled the surprise for any visitors to The Pop Cop who are reading about her for the first time). Hers is the most alluring of raw talent and listening to Cara sing is as seductive as a hot bath on a cold day… or a cold beer on a hot day.

The Irish singer manages to make traditional folk classics sound unstuffy without losing any of the drama or weight of their historical importance. Indeed, on Cara’s albums they sit so seamlessly next to her own songs you probably won’t be able to tell which ones have been passed down the generations.

Do yourself a favour and get tickets to see this fine specimen of a creature at Glasgow’s Celtic Connectionsfestival – with her lilting accent and natural charm, you can’t help but be left smitten.

4Cara Dillon – Garden Valley
b January 31, Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow (supporting Luka Bloom)

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