Bizarre Levy triangle

Pouring the contents of your broken heart into lyrics comes with the territory of being a songwriter. But when New York singer James Levy followed this well-worn path by donating his tales of woe (not to mention his name) to the band LEVY, it didn’t half make for some eye-popping celebrity scandal.

Beneath the Coldplay-esque melodies and warm vocals of Levy’s 2005 debut album Rotten Love is found the story of a bizarre indie love triangle and a bitter man indeed. And the targets of James’ wrath are none other than his then (now ex) girlfriend, Regina Spektor, and the man he suspects she cheated on him with, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes.

Clearly the thought of just how beautiful the generously cheekboned pair’s children would be took a back seat on You Be Sweet when he begs to Regina: “You be sweet, don’t cheat, turn around on me” before continuing, “Julian, oh Julian, out with you. It’s truly a sin to be a has-been of a has-been”.

There’s more crazed jealousy on In The Woods as James sings: “She told me that he’s just a friend. I told her that he’s just a trend. Don’t tell me that you love me if you don’t know why. I see you kissing him through the window outside.”

If you need evidence that Regina was indeed the object of James’ affections, you’ll find her outed in Rotten Love’s title track…

4 Levy – Rotten Love

b January 16, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
b January 17, Barfly, Glasgow

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