January sales

With major labels like EMI seeing their empires crumbling, one of the knock-on effects that could come out of the meltdown is the possibility of more big artists releasing albums during the month of January.

Traditionally, the start of the year has always been a brief but welcome window for rookie bands to get their songs on the radio due to the complete absence of new material from the usual chart heavyweights. However, this lack of competition may soon be a thing of the past if the big hitters wake up and realise that even a modest amount of January sales brings disproportionately favourable rewards on paper.

For instance, last week’s top 40 album chart contained just one new entry, some randomer called Tom Baxter straight in at No.20… and here we are writing about him!

With this in mind, Brighton indie group BRITISH SEA POWER cannily released their third record (Do You Like Rock Music?) on Monday, and it has already accrued more hype than its predecessors combined. Many have compared the album’s sound to Arcade Fire, whose old drummer, Howard Bilerman, produced it. But while BSP may be in the right place at the right time, you can’t take away from the fact they have made a beast of a record full of grand noise and epic ambition.

4 British Sea Power – Carrion

b January 26, The Arches, Glasgow (tickets)

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