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We were all set to hit you with a post on NADA SURF entitled ‘Surf’s up’ and another on ROGUE WAVE under the heading ‘Lovable Rogues’ – but seeing as they’ll both be on the same bill in Glasgow this weekend (and share coastal-themed monikers) we couldn’t resist giving you a double dose of Pop Cop-approved goodness.

Nada Surf consistently make the sort of music that will undoubtedly make the cut for the perfect mix CD to take on the American road trip we’ve dreamt about since puberty. Now on their fifth album, the New Yorkers have become somewhat expert at crafting good-time guitar pop with more hooks than a pirate in a boxing match.

Although more introspective than their headlining tour buddies, Rogue Wave have no less of an ability to please and are well worth making the effort of getting in early.

Intriguingly, much of the Californians’ best work can be found outwith their three studio albums – check out their stand-out song Sight Lines from the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack.

4 Nada Surf – Happy Kid
4 Rogue Wave – Sight Lines

b February 23, Garage, Glasgow (tickets)

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