See you, Jimmy

Apart from Belle & Sebastian and possibly The Beatles, JIMMY EAT WORLD have written more treasurable songs than any other artist we can think of.

Unlike many of their image-conscious rock band peers, Jimmy Eat World aren’t afraid to do melodies – and have been doing so prolifically for over a decade now. A quick rifle through our record collection threw up around 100 mighty tracks from the Arizona group’s back catalogue, which made us wonder if we could come up with a song appropriate for some everyday life situations.

We suggest you try these out: Doing the housework (Lucky Denver Mint), going for a drive (Sweetness), wooing the opposite sex (For Me This Is Heaven), waking up the neighbours (A Praise Chorus), party playlist (The Authority Song), candlelit dinner music (23), taking a bath (When I Want), feeling rebellious (Bleed American), pre-selected funeral song (Hear You Me), break-up song (Kill), study-time inspiration (Chase This Light), been sacked (Blister), do not disturb (Big Casino), obligatory mix tape track (Work), proving everyone knows at least one Jimmy Eat World song (The Middle), drunken singalong (The Concept), getting ready for a night out (Futures), air guitar anthem (Opener), half-time in the footie (Goodbye Sky Harbor).

So, if you feel like having a drunken singalong in the bath…

4 Jimmy Eat World – When I Want
4 Jimmy Eat World – The Concept (Teenage Fanclub cover)

b February 25, Barrowland, Glasgow (sold out)

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