The incredible stringed band

It took The Pop Cop little more than 30 minutes in the company of BROKEN RECORDS to conclude they are the best band Edinburgh has ever produced. And very soon their magical songs will begin to reach speakers in every conceivable timezone.

But while they are going to have to get used to being spoken about in the same breath as Arcade Fire, the similarities are more in style than substance (although we have it on very good authority that the Scots have just been snapped up by Quest Management who also manage, you guessed it, Arcade Fire).

In truth, there’s no getting away from that familiar sense of epic majesty but, if anything, Broken Records’ liberal use of stringed instruments is even more essential to their palette, with the likes of If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It and A Good Reason from their debut EP feverishly relentless in their pursuit of orchestral skyscraping.

Other influences become obvious by delving deeper. The accordion-led If Eilert Lovborg Wrote A Song, It Would Sound Like This actually sounds more like Beirut wrote it, the mournful Out On The Water is reminiscent of Sophia or Nick Cave, while Nearly Home is Bruce Springsteen singing to Sigur Ros with drums borrowed from Godspeed You Black Emperor.

We spoke to pianist Dave Smith and drummer Andy Keeney at the end of last weekend’s show with Okkervil River at Cabaret Voltaire and they were rightfully enthusiastic about what’s in store for this very special band of theirs. The future is literally in their hands.

4 Broken Records – If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It

b February 8, The Doghouse, Dundee
b February 9, PJs, Dunfermline
b February 13, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

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