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Hello. So far we’ve managed to be strict on our pledge to only write about acts who are from or coming to Scotland – and that’s why we wondered how we could get away with writing about JAMES CHADWICK since he ticks neither box.

Then we remembered that in our second ever post on The Pop Cop, while explaining our mission statement a la Jerry Maguire, we wrote: “If we also just happen to stumble across the best song ever that everybody HAS to hear then trust us, we’ll find a tenuous Tartan link somewhere, so fear not.”

With this in mind, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Chadwick – a singing, songwriting young man from the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border – contributed to Worried Noodles, a concept compilation album in which all the lyrics were written by Glaswegian artist and Guardian cartoonist David Shrigley. The end result was a track called The Wooden Floor.

Good though it is, it is utterly overshadowed by Chadwick’s own beguiling slice of acoustic perfection, The Last One, a song which has brightened our lives immeasurably and is quite simply the reason we are so excited to bring this post to you today.

Hopefully, we had you at “hello”.

4 James Chadwick – The Last One
4 James Chadwick – The Wooden Floor

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