Staying out for the summer: Big In Falkirk

In a place with only 33,000 residents, the cynics amongst us might scoff that it wouldn’t take very much to be big in Falkirk. But remarkably, the population of this town swells threefold one weekend a year thanks to a festival. What in Falkirk is going on?

What’s it called? Big In Falkirk.
Where’s it at? Callendar Park, Falkirk.
When’s it kicking off? May 3-4.
Who are the headliners? 10cc, Levellers, The Complete Stone Roses.
And the flatliners? 10cc.
How do the organisers describe it? “One of the largest cultural events in Scotland, attracting over 100,000 people. The cutting edge entertainment features some of the most popular names in music.”
What’s its pedigree? This is the 9th year.
What’s the damage? It’s free!
Most likely to be attended by: Any Scots who like something for nothing. That’ll be all of us then. Or folk who think 10cc were/are/ever could be “cutting edge entertainment”.
Verdict: Some festival organisers think it’s acceptable to force you to part with your hard-earned cash a year in advance for a line-up that hasn’t even been decided, so how can we diss a festival that doesn’t cost a penny. Best of all, there’s no guilt in leaving it till the last minute to decide whether to go or not.

4 The Stone RosesTen Storey Love Song
4 LevellersBeautiful Day
4 The Hazey JanesDon’t Look Away

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