Staying out for the summer: Triptych

The magical spectacle of thick snow falling to the ground on an April morning can only mean one thing in Scotland: summer is almost here. And that, as any keen gig-goer will tell you, heralds the start of the music festival season.

There are over a dozen rock festivals in Scotland alone to look forward to in the next few months, with several boasting line-ups that could only have been chosen by someone who thinks Real Radio is “cutting edge”.

So in order to make an informed plan for your exotic summer in Hameildaeme, the next two weeks will see The Pop Cop guide you by the hand through fields of dreams and screams to help you figure out what’s hot and what’s rot. You’ll be surprised at just how many festivals are NOT sponsored by the most disgusting lager ever created by man. Which brings us to our first one…

What’s it called? Triptych.

Where’s it at? Various venues across Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

When’s it kicking off? April 25-27.

Who are the headliners? Mogwai, The RZA, Candi Staton, Sebadoh.

And the flatliners? The 1990s.

How do the organisers describe it? “Exceptional music, from grassroots agitation to international ardour, with an unparalleled bill that has rendered it one of Europe’s most inventive, exhilarating music festivals. Triptych strives to provide a quality, accessible, nationwide programme whose divergent sonic calibre has one critical element in common: timelessness.”

What’s its pedigree? This is the 8th and last year.

What’s the damage? £3 to £21 depending on event.

Most likely to be attended by: Urban Outfitters staff, social drug users, anyone who owns an electro album.

Verdict: The highly eclectic (obscure) bill certainly separates it from any other festival in the country, but there are far more duds than delights on offer. It might reak of pretension but, hey, at least you’ll stay dry.

4 Mogwai2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
4 Frightened RabbitGood Arms vs Bad Arms
4 Malcolm MiddletonBlue Plastic Bags
4 The Source featuring Candi StatonYou Got The Love
4 SebadohLicense To Confuse

b Mogwai, Clinic, Dirty Projectors, Malcolm Middleton, Errors, Frightened Rabbit, April 26, Tramway, Glasgow (tickets)
b Candi Staton, April 25, Bongo Club, Edinburgh (tickets) & April 26, The Tunnels, Aberdeen (tickets)
b Sebadoh, April 25, Classic Grand, Glasgow (tickets)

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