Staying out for the summer: Wickerman

If you’re of the opinion that the true spirit of a music festival involves getting as far away from urban civilisation as possible and wearing flowers in your hair, look no further.

What’s it called? The Wickerman Festival.
Where’s it at? East Kirkcarswell, near Dundrennan, Dumfries & Galloway.
When’s it kicking off? July 25-26.
Who are the headliners? Gary Numan.
And the flatliners? Gary Numan.
How do the organisers describe it? “From cheeky publicity seeking upstart to hardy festival perennial, the Wickerman has established its roots for continued organic growth. Wickerman debutantes who have taken the decision to sashay down the festival road less travelled can expect sporadic mirth and frivolity alongside sustained barrages of contentment.”
What’s its pedigree? This is the 7th year.
What’s the damage? £81 for the weekend including camping (tickets).
Most likely to be attended by: According to the Wickerman website, “a parade of fops, spivs, dandies, babes, dudes, swells, cats and kids dressed in their jauntiest threads, melding together to create a festival vibe which is second to none”. Expect a fair few sandal wearers then.
Verdict: The mighty Broken Records are playing, that’s good enough for us.

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